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Receive € 1.000 grant for trademark registration

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Legal protection of trademarks and product designs

Trademark registrations

Trademark searches and advice

Trademark watching

Product design registration

Conflicts and oppositions

Personal, hands-on and honest
Personal, hands-on and honest

juridische bescherming van merken & modellen

Trademark registrations

Trademark searches and advice

Trademark watching

Product design registration

Conflicts and oppositions

Merkregistratie - Rise Merkenbureau

What we do

Legal protection of your trademarks and product designs

For businesses, having strong trademarks is very important. A strong trademark gives you the freedom you need to expand your business the way you want to. That is exactly why we give all it takes to make sure your trademark is distinctive and, foremost, available.

With our upfront searches and advice we help you to avoid, manage and resolve legal obstacles for the use and registration of your trademarks worldwide.

Each business has its own plans and ambitions. We listen to our clients carefully so we can provide a custom-made service and come up with a registration strategy that suits your specific needs.

We help you to protect the design of your products in a way that it supports a court action against infringements. Also we deal with conflicts concerning trademarks, product designs and domain names in a creative and effective way.


How we work

YOU define our services

In order to help you in the best possible way, we want to know all about your business and needs. We stay in close one-to-one contact and we dig deep to get to know your company, line of business, activities, plans and your specific questions.

We work with custom-made answers only, so no ready-made advice and strategies. Your specific situation in combination with our experience and the legal framework define our services and advice. We provide clear, creative and practical answers.

We want our clients to be well informed about the costs and risks, before taking decisions and starting procedures. By informing you in the best way possible, we help build successful businesses and brands right from the start.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your trademarks, conflicts, the value of your intellectual property and so on. Our first advice is free of charge.

Satisfied customers speak:

“Rise is very helpful and assisted us with the registration of several trademarks in and outside the EU. They have a pro-active mentality and there is an extensive knowledge available in various areas such as availability searches, litigation and trademark watching.”

“Barts has been selling winter and summer accessories all over the world for over 25 years. Rise professionally assisted us with registering our trademarks worldwide and protecting our brands against infringements in a personal, accurate and no-nonsense way.”

“Evelien and Marleen @rise are exceptionally good in what they do -and they deliver! Very knowledgable, hands on and very responsive. We enjoy working with them and definitely recommend teaming up with RISE”.

“Marleen is very experienced and helpful, perfect for us as a start-up company with international ambitions!”

Ask us

We are happy to provide you with a clear advice and draft a plan of action. Tell us about your plans, your trademark and your product, so we can help you set up a strong intellectual property portfolio.

Are you facing a legal conflict? We see conflicts as challenges and jump right in. Call or email us to discuss your matter and we can tell you your chances of success straight away.

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