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Client reviews


“Rise is very helpful and assisted us with the registration of several trademarks in and outside the EU. They have a pro-active mentality and there is an extensive knowledge available in various areas such as availability searches, litigation and trademark watching.”


“Barts has been selling winter and summer accessories all over the world for over 25 years. Rise professionally assisted us with registering our trademarks worldwide and protecting our brands against infringements in a personal, accurate and no-nonsense way.”


“Evelien and Marleen @rise are exceptionally good in what they do -and they deliver! Very knowledgable, hands on and very responsive. We enjoy working with them and definitely recommend teaming up with RISE”.


“Marleen is very experienced and helpful, perfect for us as a start-up company with international ambitions!”


“Our designer bikes are sold all across Europe. This makes a solid EU Trademark Registration essential. Rise took care of the trademark registration against reasonable fees. I like their practical and personal approach.”


“Werkspot invested in a new corporate identity and is working on a campaign to increase its name recognition. Rise helps us to protect these investments by giving us practical and clear advice about our brand protection.”


“Rise is accessible, reliable and swift”
At Van Hulley women in need of support make your old shirt or bad buy blouse into beautiful boxer shorts. For both men and women. They also make kids pyjama trousers. The women gain working experience at Van Hulley. A day and a half per week they go to school (ROC) to increase their job opportunities. After a year at Van Hulley they either continue studying or find a (dream) job. Buying Van Hulley boxer shorts saves 560 liters of water because we recycle materials. This makes Van Hulley sustainable, social and personal.

Smaak Amsterdam

“In recent years, SMAAK has grown enormously, which makes trademark protection a priority. Rise is proactive, very responsive and provides clear advise at realistic prices. We enjoy working with them.”


“Zupr is an online platform which shows consumers where they can physically buy their products. We have worldwide ambitions.

Rise advised us from the start about our European and international trademark protection and conflicts. A responsive and clear communication, attention to details and very experienced! Rise delivers!”


“Fixico is a startup with European ambitions. Evelien and Marleen from Rise have been a perfect partner from the start. They provided us with a first advice free of charge and took care of a smooth trademark registration. A proactive attitude, attractive fees, no exceptions and smooth communication.”

A fish named Fred

“The ladies at Rise can read between the lines. Evelien and Marleen are always awake when it comes to brand-name infringements. They helped ‘A fish named Fred’ in many cases with registering new fields of business such as our beer brand Black Tail. And they also gave us detailed advice when one of our prints was copied by a competitor of ours.”

Raymond Klompsma CEO en Co-founder: “Rise is accurate, swift and helpful. We are more than satisfied about the service of Rise.”

The Little Green Bag

Due to the expansion of our companies, the registration of our existing and new brands has become even more important. Rise expertly assisted us with the transfer of various acquired trademarks. The cooperation is hands-on, personal and smooth, so we have time to focus on our growth.”

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