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What we do

Design registrations

Are you looking to protect your design? As long as it is distinctive, novel and has an individual character a design registration can protect the appearance of your product. Designs can be registered in different territories, like the Benelux, the EU and internationally. The registration procedure is quite simple. All we have to do is provide correct images or drawings and pay the official fees. The procedure is only administrative. Authorities do not check on distinctiveness and novelties.


The actual scope of protection of your design registration depends on many legal requirements

Even though the registration procedure is easy, the scope of protection still depends on the novelty of your design and the images you submit. Be well informed and have us advice you. We will give all it takes to protect your design.

Ask us

We are happy to hear about your plans and the trademarks or products you have developed, so we can give you a clear advice and draft a first plan of action. Are you facing a legal conflict? We see conflicts as challenges and jump right in. Call or email us to discuss your matter and we can tell you your chances of success straight away. Call or email us to discuss your matter.

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