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Conflicts & oppositions

Unfortunately, as a trademark holder you sometimes have to deal with trademark conflicts. You can, for example, be summoned for infringing another party’s trademark, or another party can infringe your trademark rights. Every matter that involves a third party could lead to a conflict. Choosing the wrong strategy can have major consequences.

This is where we step in. We handle conflicts concerning the use of trademarks, trademark applications and registrations, domain names, trade names, designs, logos, advertisements and corporate identities. Our goal is to solve the matter amicably. If that is not possible, we take a different turn. We will stand by you and advise you on the best and most cost efficient conflict strategy.


An opposition is a formal objection against the registration of a trademark, filed during the application phase

Starting a case against an infringer is a costly and time consuming matter. It is much easier to prevent going to court and file an opposition before a trademark is registered.

With our experience we can help you prevent needless conflicts and costs. Ask us for advice and we will tell you what the best approach would be. We can analyze your legal position, advise on a legal strategy, handle the contact with the counterparty and mediate to find a solution.

We like to handle conflicts pragmatically, we think strategically and we believe in an open communication with our client and the counterparty. We strive to find the best solution possible, within the limits of your budget and the legal boundaries.

Do not hesitate and contact us to discuss your legal position, draft an infringement letter or to take over the negotiations on a settlement. We are experienced in handling opposition procedures, domain name arbitration procedures, trademark, design and copyright conflicts and provisional refusals of trademark registrations.

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