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Receive € 1.000 grant for trademark registration

Rise assists you with submitting your subsidy application!

For the third time the EU has launched the SME Fund, which aims to help SMEs to co-finance activities related to legal protection of their trademarks and designs. The SME Fund provides a refund of 75% of the official fees for the registration of trademarks or designs in the EU or separate EU member states, to a maximum of €1000.

In doing so, the EU once again emphasises the importance of the protecting Intellectual Property Rights. The Applicant of the SME Fund should be established in the EU and can get a refund of part of the registration costs.

The fund is at least available until the end of July 2024. But if the budget runs out sooner, the subsidy opportunity will expire. So don’t wait too long to apply for it!

We assist our clients with submitting the subsidy application. You only need to provide the requested data and we will do the rest.

Required documents:

  1. A fully completed and signed Power of Attorney. Download here
  2. Your companies VAT number and any proof thereof
  3. A bank statement or a copy of a bank statement showing the company name, IBAN and BIC code.

You can submit the documents and data via this form:




    If the application for subsidy fulfils all requirements, we will receive the SME voucher within a month. This allows you to receive a reimbursement of 75% of the official fees of trademark and design registrations, up to a maximum of €1.000.

    The voucher can be used for multiple applications. After filing your trademark or design, we will submit the voucher with the EUIPO, requesting reimbursement of part of the official fees. The amount will be paid directly into your bank account.

    Important information:

    • The fund is only available for SMEs.
    • Make sure the application for subsidy meets all requirements: To prevent fraud, the assessment of data is very strict.
    • A company is eligible for subsidy only once.
    • Non-transferable: The voucher must be in the applicant’s name and cannot be transferred.
    • Limited validity: The voucher is valid for 2 months. This period can be extended once, to a maximum of 4 months.
    • For new applications only: To invoke the voucher, the grant application must have been granted before the trademark or design application will be submitted.
    • The trademark or design does not need to be clear when the grant application is submitted.

    If you have plans to file a trademark or expand internationally soon, now is a good time to get the grant application started by us.

    For more information about the SME fund, please refer to

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